Our Expertise

Our customers particularly value our creativity in the solutions we implement and the efficiency with which we execute our projects. Our dedication to quality and service is our motivation.

Project Management

At SBIW, we implement rigorous project management procedures that are second nature to our work.

Detailed planning starts at the bid stage and every step of a project are meticulously managed through its completion.

We work in close collaboration with our customers in order to perform the work in the most efficient manner.

Rehabilitation / Upgrade

SBIW’s extensive experience with design, construction and repair of hydroelectric equipment in conjunction with our partner network provides all the elements required to bring turbine/generator units and auxiliary equipment back to modern standards for performance, reliability and maintainability.

SBIW provides access to highly trained designers and trade specialists who can adapt new technologies to the specific requirements of a project.

Turnkey Solutions

SBIW has developed a unique turnkey approach that relies heavily on “up-front” planning in strategic areas such as engineering and procurement.

Our approach ensures that construction goes smoothly, according to schedule and remains within budget.

Owing to our expertise and experience, we work closely with our clients and our extensive partner network to influence the project design and value.